Kinnow (Mandarin)

Kinnow is one of the best varieties of fresh Mandarins. It is a rich source of vitamin C having high juice content with special flavor. The soil and climatic conditions in Pakistan have given it a unique flavor which distinguishes it from other comparable mandarins grown in the world. Winter in planes of Pakistan an excellent atmosphere for this fruit and the resulting fruit is sweet and has very distinct taste.

Team Fresh Arena pick best fruit from orchards to its state of the art processing plant for Washing, Waxing, Grading and Sorting.

Packing of Kinnow is done by the specialized and trained packers which maintain the freshness and quality of fruit. The Fruit is kept in the most modern Stores which are imported from other countries. Kinnow has a good shelf life and can be stored for more than 2 months. The fruit is packed in different packing sizes for the convenient and requirement of customer. We use stronger imported corrugated carton specially for longer transit times. Other packing like plastic and wooden crate is also available

The kinnow fruit is large and orange, with 12 to 25 seeds and a globular shape. It matures in January or February. This “easy peel” citrus has assumed special economic importance and export demand due to its high juice content, special flavor, and as a rich source of vitamin C. The factors with have contributed to the success of this fruit are its beautiful golden-orange color ( a major asset from a marketing viewpoint), its abundant juice, and its excellent aroma and taste.

KINNOW contains a lot of vitamins, Iron, and Phosphorus, also high in flavonoid (antioxidant  like Narigenin, Hesperetin) and very rich in vitamin C. Use the pulp to make delicious Deserts. Jams, Jelly and Sauces And its skin can be used to make Cosmetics and essence.

KINNOW Packing in 7kg & 10kg. Corrugated Cartons also available as per buyer’s demand

We export Citrus packaged in boxes of 5, 8 and 10 kg, with all measures to prevent damage in transit. Packaging of 42, 48, 54, 60, 66, 72, 84, 90,100 oranges is also available based on the sizes of oranges. Our fruits are mainly transported in cartons, standard boxes, half-boxes, wire-bound boxes and fruit crates made of corrugated board or wood. For full container loads, we offer delivery of fruits in refrigerated containers based on the preference of client.